So I decided to slam the brakes on MySQL and do some research into RDBMS before I got too involved again. The next biggest RDBMS next to MySQL that I know of is PostgreSQL. So I thought I would take a peek at the data and see what other people are using (and therefore what I (and you) should probably be using!). Researching every single system seemed a somewhat wasteful effort being as though I only have spare time to do this in. And a million and one other things need doing too.

With that in mind here’s the Google search trend comparison between MySQL and PostgreSQL over the last 5 years. MySQL being blue, and PostgreSQL being red. We can infer three things from this.

  1. Interest in MySQL has  been in a steady decline but is still the market leader.
  2. Interest in PostgreSQL has been in a slow but steady increase. T
  3. People don’t like researching databases over the Yuletide (Christmas) holiday.

It’s probably important to note we’re also missing out the other popularly term used for PostgreSQL – Postgres! By my reckoning if this trend continues (which I see no reason why it will not) PostgreSQL will overtake MySQL as the market leader.