I love old computer game, games like Simon The Sorcerer and Cannon Fodder. The artwork – to me – is inspiring, beautiful, and very nostalgic. So as part of my quest to build my very own computer game, I thought I would give pixel art a go. I reckon it will be a good headspace cleaner after working on code for hours on end. So here’s my very first attempts using mspaint and an open source application – LibreSprite. I know, I know, the ‘artwork’ is rubbish. It looks like a child created it. But honestly, each only took minutes to do. But what I did get from this little exercise is this; don’t use mspaint for pixel art. So I guess this quest is really going to start with researching what pixel art tools are out there, and then giving different applications a whirl to see which one works best for me.

Microsoft Paint – Attempt 001


LibreSprite – Attempt 001


Interim conclusion, yeah using a Pixel Art editor is definitely the way to go.