After looking into Pixel Art Applications some months ago now, I finally decided to go for Aseprite. Mainly because I had tried out the “free” LibreSprite version and kind of liked it. That and it wasn’t all too expensive at just over £15!

So after finally getting some free time where I didn’t have any pressure on me to do other projects. Here’s what I came up with in half an hour using the default palette. Allow me to introduce…

Medieval Pixel Axe Man

George the Dwarf

With axe in hand George guards the entrance of the pixelated gemstone mine, from would be thieves. He’s a little miffed that the other dwarfs get to dig deep underground whilst singing “diggy diggy hole“. He stands alone and guards the mine. But his heavy weapon gives him comfort. And the ale in his stomach gives him warmth.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.