Recent Level Ups


So I decided to slam the brakes on MySQL and do some research into RDBMS before I got too involved again. The next biggest RDBMS next to...

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Back to Basics – MySQL

So it's been a few years now since I created a database in MySQL (version 6 in fact). I installed the latest version MySQL - version 8 for...

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Player Input

public class ButtonInput : MonoBehaviour { void Update () {  bool down = Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space);...

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Lerp Lerp Lerp

Linear interpolation known as Lerp. Why it's called Lerp I do not know! Is it L for "Linear" with an erp for 'ERPolation? Who knows. Take...

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Cubes Version 1.0

58 lines of C# code to create 5000 "magic" cubes. I've been learning a lot over the last three weeks about terrain generation and...

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Cool concept. Yeah?

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