What is yahwho.org? and why is it here?

I bought yahwho.org back in 1998 when the Internet was in its early infancy and still a great mystery to many. For years the domain was used as a test-bed for code closed off from the public - index.html was just a blank page!

Today, yahwho.org serves as my online notebook containing none-comprehensive snippets of information and code which I use on a daily basis in my work.

The notes are all now public so anyone can browse them and use them in their work too.

There are a minimal (and hopefully unobtrusive) amount of adverts on yahwho.org - they help towards paying the cost of running the server and paying for domain renewals.

So if you found some information on this site helpful and it got you out of a pickle - well you know how you can thanks me. . . :)