Hello World!


I’m¬†Yahwho. I’m an IT Consultant with over 10 years SME experience, and a lifetime love of computers. I live in England and I love mediaeval¬†history.

This website is a repository of information I am accumulating in my quest to relearn Computer Science. Only with a better understanding this time round. Having already obtained a B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science over a decade ago (wow really that long ago?). It’s about time I honed my skills!

With this in mind I am setting myself two goals:

Goal One. To rewrite my plugin (Medieval Realms) for the game Rising World. This time more efficiently and with cleaner code, adhering to best practices at all times.

Goal Two. To use the knowledge obtained from `Goal One` to create my very own computer game. And thus achieve a childhood dream.


The journey begins. . .