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Resampled Simplex Noise

Over the last few months I have been working with noise generation algorithms. My latest of which is a resampled noise heightmap which...

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Java Exclusive OR Operator

Clearing through my paper notes I came across a scribble. if (condition1 ^ condition2){ //only if condition1 OR condition2 is true. Not,...

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My plugin Medieval Realms is getting big. The last stable version I released was roughly 42,000 lines. The new version of Medieval Realms...

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George the Dwarf

After looking into Pixel Art Applications some months ago now, I finally decided to go for Aseprite. Mainly because I had tried out the...

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2D Animation Transitions

Over the last few weeks (when not writing my Medieval Realms plugin) I've been spending a little time working out how to do 2D animation...

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My First Pixel Art

I love old computer game, games like Simon The Sorcerer and Cannon Fodder. The artwork - to me - is inspiring, beautiful, and very...

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Cool concept. Yeah?

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